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Beginners Course

Complete beginners are recommended to attend a 'try session' prior to signing up for the approved ArcheryGB Beginners Course.

Our courses are run by ArcheryGB qualified coaches with assistance from experienced club members.

The cost is £80 which includes all equipment and is designed to provide instruction and coaching techniques over six 2-hour sessions.  These normally take place on a Sunday between 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Advice on the type of archery equipment including arrows lengths and bow poundage is provided by the coaches.

The minimum age is 12-years and must be able to draw a 16lb (8kg) stringed bow.  All under-18 year olds attending a course will need to be accompanied by an adult and not left unsupervised.

On successfully completing the course, archers will be invited to Join the CCA Club.

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