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Reflecting on the Archery GB January Challenge

The Archery GB January challenge is a yearly online archery competition for beginners and the more experienced alike. It is a very relaxed competition where you submit your best Portsmouth score for the month of January and are placed into distinct categories based on your experience.

More information about the challenge can be found here.

As the results are now out, it is time to acknowledge the efforts of all participants.

Ryan, Dave, Ian, and James all made significant efforts and were solidly in the middle of their respective categories.

One standout achiever from the challenge was Amanda, who clinched an impressive third place in the Women’s category for those with less than a year of archery experience.

To all participants, whether you achieved personal bests or faced hurdles along the way, your commitment to the sport deserves recognition.

For those curious about the results, the complete leaderboard can be found below.

 Keep an eye out for certificates from Archery GB, which will be published on their website soon.

These challenges not only assess individual skills but also foster a sense of community among archers. Let us continue to support each other's growth in the sport.

Next year I hope that many more of our members will take part and we can look forward to celebrating each other's accomplishments.



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